UJK Technology Deluxe 1,000mm Variable Angle Worktop Jig



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UJK Technology Deluxe 1,000mm Variable Angle Worktop Jig Expand

  • Laminated jig covers common cuts for worktop joints
  • 90°, 45° and 22.5° joints, left or right male and female
  • Slots for worktop connectors
  • Optional Angle Adjustment Plate allows perfect out of square joints 85° to 95°
  • 35mm hinge recesses and tap holes

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A worktop is a major part of the investment in a new kitchen. When cutting the joint in a new worktop only high precision and perfect accuracy will do. Using this kitchen worktop jig enables you to produce a faultless joint in a worktop. It is CNC machined to very fine tolerances from thick synthetic phenolic resin plate. The material and machining ensure stability and accuracy without compromise.

The Deluxe Variable Angle Worktop Jig will a accept a kitchen worktop up to 1,000mm wide with a jointing facility at 22.5°, 45° and 90°. The guide slots and preset angles are located with 10mm dowel pins to ensure exact positioning against the edge of your worktop and encompass the principal angles required, plus positioning for worktop connectors.

The optional variable angle insert enables you to cut worktops to an angle other than 90°. Using the engraved markers on the jig as reference, the variable angle insert adjusts the angle of the male joint by up to plus or minus 5°. Current techniques to overcome non-square walls are not accurate and guesswork can result in poor joints. The variable angle design eliminates this and produces a perfectly matched joint. An extra advantage with this jig is that it can find and set the angle required. The jig also includes a 35mm cut-out for cabinet door hinge recesses.

Supplied with full and comprehensive instructions, a pack of 4 aligning pins and 2 flush clamping adaptors.

You will also need 1/2" router, 12.7mm(1/2") x 50mm router cutter, 30mm guide bush and two clamps (Axminster guide rail clamps if you wish to take advantage of the flush clamping feature).


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UJK Technology Deluxe 1,000mm Variable Angle Worktop Jig

UJK Technology Deluxe 1,000mm Variable Angle Worktop Jig

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