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Опора Veritas Bench Expand

  • Barrel-shaped insert nut that secures in any 19mm(3/4") diameter hole
  • Self-anchoring, removable and reuseable
  • Use horizontally or vertically
  • Accepts common 1/2" UNC threaded bolts
  • Pull-out strength of at least 90kg in hardwood
  • Useful for fixing jigs, guides, etc.

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26,58 лв

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With pull-out strength of at least 90kg in hardwood, the anchor has a wedging mechanism controlled by an integral hex-head screw drive and an external rubber O-ring that uses friction to hold it in place during installation. Though any 1/2" UNC threaded rod or bolt may be used with our bench anchor, we offer a small selection of flat-head and round-head fasteners here for convenience. Made in Canada.


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Опора Veritas Bench

Опора Veritas Bench

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