UJK Technology Dog Rail Clip (Pair)



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UJK Technology Dog Rail Clip (Pair) Expand

  • Keeps track secure and square against dogs
  • Eliminates 'dog drift', prevents any lateral movement
  • Guarantees accurate results every time
  • Fits Makita and Festool style track systems

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20,69 лв

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These simple looking spring clips firmly secure a Festool or Makita guide rail to Parf Dogs or other 20mm diameter dogs. Even though guide rails have anti-slip strips on their undersides, in the presence of wood dust there is always the possibility the ‘anti-slipperiness’ may not be as sticky as intended. If the rail moves fractionally during the cut, your finished piece will not be as accurate as you wish. The body of the Dog Rail Clip fits into your rail’s T-slot. Slide the Dog Rail Clip into position, then clip the spring around the 20mm bench dogs ensuring the rail is tight against the dogs and guarantees a precise result every time. Supplied as a pack of 2.


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UJK Technology Dog Rail Clip (Pair)

UJK Technology Dog Rail Clip (Pair)

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