Перфориран HDF Valchromat UJK



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UJK Technology HDF Valchromat Top for Parf Dogs Expand

  • For work holding while sawing or routing with guide rails
  • HDF Valchromat work surface 1,102mm x 718mm
  • 11 x 7 grid of perfectly aligned 20mm dog holes
  • Holes suitable for Parf dogs, dog clamps and other accessories

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311,94 лв

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The UJK Technology MultiFunction workbench top is 18mm thick Valchromat. Valchromat has greater internal cohesion, higher mechanical strength and is more moisture resistant than MDF. The UJK workbench top has a grid of 20mm plain dog holes: 11 holes by 7 holes. These holes are CNC machined to guarantee accuracy, aligned lengthways and widthways with the rows perfectly square to each other. These dog holes allow you to use Parf dogs and many other accessory clamps, guide rails and stops to hold, saw, rout and machine your work with spot-on accuracy. The top size is 1,102mm x 718mm .


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Перфориран HDF Valchromat UJK

Перфориран HDF Valchromat UJK

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