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  • Hardened steel wheel cutters
  • Cuts wood fibres, rather than tears
  • Marks cleanly, even on cross grain
  • Wheels retract into the head of the gauge for storage and protection
  • The gauges are very easy to set
  • Made in Canada

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With two independently adjustable rods, this gauge can scribe both sides of a mortice at once. Projection is easy to set, an internal O-ring keeps light but constant friction on each rod; a thumbscrew locks the setting. One rod has its cutting edge at the extreme end of the rod, making it useful for transferring dimensions or as a depth gauge.They cut wood fibres rather than tear them and they mark cleanly, even on cross grain. They are oriented with the cutting bevels facing in opposite directions, so you can always mark your line with the bevel facing the waste side of any cut. Each cutter is fully retractable for safe storage or to permit use with a single cutter. The rods project off-centre from the anodized aluminium body, which helps the gauge resist rolling on a workbench and maximises the area of the 50mm diameter brass face that can register against the work piece. 190mm overall length, the gauge has a setting range from zero to 145mm. 


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Dual Marking Gauge Veritas

Dual Marking Gauge Veritas

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