Beam Compass Heads Veritas



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Beam Compass Heads Veritas Expand

  • Aluminium heads clamp on bar from 5/8"- 3/4"
  • Unlimited circle size
  • Brass clamping knob tightly holds to beam
  • Points have 1/8" of fine adjustment
  • Hardened points mark surfaces such as steel plate
  • Includes pencil for marking wood & wallboard
  • Made in Canada

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122,18 лв

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Made to the usual Veritas high quality standard, these beam compass (or trammel) heads can be clamped to any length of material between 5/8" (16mm) and 3/4" (19mm) thick to produce accurate circles or arcs of any size. Two examples of the attention to detail typical of this manufacturer are: the pointed steel pins which are positioned adjacent to the clamping screws to ensure a secure grip;


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Beam Compass Heads Veritas

Beam Compass Heads Veritas

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