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  • Slim tip slips under a screw head
  • Arched body provides removal tension to back out a screw from a stripped hole
  • Arch can be flattened to engage the screw head in the keyhole cut-out
  • Leaves both hands free to operate a screwdriver
  • Weighs less than 35g
  • Made in Canada

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24,18 лв

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This cunningly designed spring-steel tool will do the job. You can either slip the slim tip underneath the screw and press the arched body to provide removal tension, or you can flatten the arch and engage the screw in the keyhole cut-out and have both hands free to operate a screwdriver. The third alternative is to attack the screw with pliers, screwdrivers and chisels, creating a crater that would do justice to a small nuclear device. The screw lifter weighs less than 35g, takes up virtually no room in a tool box and stands ready at all times to eliminate one of the frustrations of life.


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Повдигач Screw Veritas

Повдигач Screw Veritas

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