Дърводелска фреза Axminster Trade Series WS1000TA

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Дърводелска фреза Axminster WS1000TA Expand

  • Sliding table fitted with mitre fence and work clamp for precision work
  • 45° backwards tilting spindle gives increased safety with larger cutters
  • Four spindle speeds with digital read-out of speed
  • Independently adjustable long fence wings give extra support to the work
  • Cast iron table gives stability, vibration absorption and a stable surface
  • 2.8kW 230V 1ph braked induction motor, 16A supply required
  • Optional support table, tenoning plate, power feed and mobility base

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A great trade machine offering a good range of standard facilities. Being constructed of 4mm sheet steel with a substantial cast iron table gives great stability and vibration dampening properties. A 2.8kW 1ph mechanically braked motor offers ample power, whilst the choice of four speeds between 1,800 and 9,000rpm allows for a wide range of tooling to be used. A handy digital read-out of the spindle speed is provided. The spindle has a tilt facility ranging from +5 ° to - 45° giving great functionality combined with safe working. The spindle hood is of cast alloy and is fitted with long, fully adjustable fences, work hold downs and a 100mm dust outlet. A further 100mm dust outlet is fitted to the chassis, used with a suitable chip extractor efficient waste removal is easily achieved. A simple sliding table with a mitre fence and work clamp is standard, which can be fitted with an optional square frame table for the added support of panels etc. Another useful option is a tenoning plate which raises the work above the table allowing you to machine the bottom and top of the work together. It also allows cutter diameters up to 200mm above the table for long tenons. The Co-Matic AF32 (340195) power feed can be fitted using the threaded mounting holes on the table. Mobility of the machine can be provided by fitting the 250kg wheeled base, a godsend in a small workshop. N.B. 20A fused supply is required.

Dust Extraction Outlet100mm x 2
Max Spindle Projection Above T100mm
Max Tooling Diameter Above Tab200mm
Max Tooling Diameter Below Tab180mm
Min Extraction Airflow Require1,000m³/hr
Nett Weight218kg
Noise LevelNo
Number Of MotorsNo
Overall L X W X H1,010 x 690 x 900mm
Power2.8kW 230V 1ph
Rise And FallNo
Spindle Diameter30mm
Spindle Height100mm
Spindle Speed1,800 / 3,000 / 6,000 / 9,000rpm
Spindle Travel100mm
Table Height900mm
Table Size1,000 x 360mm


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Дърводелска фреза Axminster Trade Series WS1000TA

Дърводелска фреза Axminster Trade Series WS1000TA

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