Ренде Bevel-Up Jointer Veritas


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Ренде Bevel-Up Jointer Veritas Expand
  • The largest member of our bevel-up bench planes
  • Ideal for jointing edges and flattening large panels
  • 57mm(2.1/4") wide 25° lapped blade in O1 or PM-V11 alloy steel
  • Adjustable throat plate

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650,46 лв

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The Veritas Bevel-Up Jointer is the largest member of the bevel-up bench plane family. At 560 x 73mm and weighing 3.4kg, it is the answer for jointing edges and flattening large panels. The bevel-up blade configuration results in a plane that is versatile and straightforward to use. The 12° bed angle, coupled with the 25° blade bevel, creates an effective cutting angle of 37°. 


Nett Weight3.4kg (7lb 8oz)
Plane Blade Width57 mm (2.1/4")
Plane Sole Length560mm (22")


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Ренде Bevel-Up Jointer Veritas

Ренде Bevel-Up Jointer Veritas

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