Ренде Bevel-Up Smoothing Veritas


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Ренде Bevel-Up Smoothing Veritas Expand

  • A state-of-the-art, pure smoothing plane
  • An excellent choice for even the most demanding reversing grains
  • Includes a lapped 38° blade in O1 or PM-V11 tool steel

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530,96 лв

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This state-of-the-art, pure smoothing plane is the plane to use for the final finish, especially woods of difficult grain patterns. Veritas have combined the generous width and weight of a dedicated smoother with the versatile inner workings of a low angle bevel-up plane. The 12° bed angle, coupled with the 38° blade bevel, yields an effective cutting angle of 50°; this is commonly known as a York pitch. This is an ideal starting angle for minimising tear-out when working difficult wood. It is easy to create a higher micro-bevel angle for very difficult grains. It weighs in at just under 2.25kg, with an exceptionally low centre of gravity. Veritas have dubbed this plane a 164-1/2 H. 


Nett Weight2.2kg (4lb 14oz)
Plane Blade Width57 mm (2.1/4")
Plane Sole Length255mm (10")


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Ренде Bevel-Up Smoothing Veritas

Ренде Bevel-Up Smoothing Veritas

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