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  • Machined double guide rods, single-lead Acme screws
  • Regular front vice is 175 x 375mm(7" x 14.3/4") with a clamping capacity of 210mm(8.1/4")
  • Large front vice is 265 x 533mm(10.1/2" x 21") with a clamping capacity of 330mm(13")
  • Note capacity quoted is less the thickness of any wooden jaws fitted
  • Large front vice has an offset center screw to prevent skewing
  • Cast iron and steel components
  • Turned wooden handle available separately

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128,14 лв

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The regular front vice is 175mm(7") x 375mm(14.3/4") overall with a 22mm(7/8") dia. screw and clamping capacity of 210mm(8.1/4") (less the thickness of your wooden jaws).

The large front vice is 265mm(10.1/2") x 533mm(21") overall with a 28mm(1.1/8") dia. screw, and 330mm(13") clamping capacity (less the thickness of your wooden jaws). 


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Предно Менгеме Veritas

Предно Менгеме Veritas

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