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  • Здраво чугунено менгеме
  • Възможност за въртене на 360 градуса но вертикала и хоризонтала
  • Челюстите са 89 mm широки, 57 мм дълбоки
  • Максимално отваряне 127мм
  • Дупки в челюстите за монтиране, дървени челюсти
  • Базата разполага с три монтажни отвора

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The Universal Vice swivels through 360° in both the vertical and horizontal positions; tightening the jaws locks the entire vice in place. An ingenious adjustable cam arrangement beneath the jaws ensures the vice locks rock solid when gripping an item. Slightly backing off on the handle means you can rotate the vice for better access to your work without having to remove it from the jaws or change it from vertical to horizontal. The jaws are 89mm wide, 57mm deep and open to a maximum of 127mm. Holes in the jaws allow you to mount custom-made wooden jaws. The base has three fixing holes on 120mm centres. The cast iron construction is carefully machined and the total weight 7.5kg.


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Универсално менгеме AXMINSTER TRADE

Универсално менгеме AXMINSTER TRADE

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