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UJK Technology Mitre Slot Track Expand

  • Anodised aluminium mitre slot track for durability
  • Standard 19 x 9.5mm width of slot
  • Accepts standard mitre gauge with or without 'T'
  • Supplied in 915mm (36") lengths easily cut to size
  • Requires a groove 31mm wide x 13mm deep

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51,48 лв

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The UJK Technology mitre slot track makes it easy to add a mitre fence facility to a custom built router table, saw table or bandsaw table. It is equally useful for a workbench that needs to incorporate a mitre fence.

The track is anodised aluminium for its durability. All it requires is a routed groove 31mm wide by 13mm deep. Alternatively, you can create laminated table using a base and 12.7mm (1/2" ) thick material on either side of the track. Securing the track in the groove is easy with pre-drilled, countersunk holes every 270mm.

The external measurements overall are 915mm(36") long, 31 x 12.7mm deep and the T-slot is 19 x 24 x 9.5mm deep. With its 19mm wide channel, the mitre slot track will work with any standard 19 x 9.5mm (3/4" x 3/8") mitre gauge bar with or without a T-facility. 


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Канал за парелелен водач UJK Technology

Канал за парелелен водач UJK Technology

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