Ренде DX60 Block Veritas


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Ренде DX60 Block Veritas Expand

  • Body made of ductile cast iron, fully stressed relieved
  • All knobs and adjusters made from stainless steel
  • Accurately machined and surface ground
  • Sole is flat, sides square to the sole, bed flat and square to the sides
  • Adjustable mouth with re-set stop
  • 180mm(7") long by 44mm(1.3/4") wide plane with 12° bed angle
  • Supplied with a choice of O1 or PM-V11 tool steel blade

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The body and lever cap of the Veritas DX60 block plane is ductile cast iron. This material is durable and stable, having been fully stressed relieved. All of the turned knobs and adjusters are made from stainless steel.

The body is very accurately machined and surface ground. The sole is flat, the sides are square to the sole and the bed is flat and square to the sides.

The adjustable mouth can be closed for fine shavings or opened for heavier cuts. Adjustment is done quickly and easily with a stainless steel front knob.

The lever cap is shaped to blend with the body to give a smooth, secure and comfortable grip. The lever cap wheel (underneath the lever cap) can be easily set from a full locking position to a controlled friction setting for blade adjustment. 

This 180mm long by 44mm wide plane has a 12° bed angle. The 35mm wide blade is 3.6mm thick and available in O1 or PM-V11. It comes with a two-angle bevel: a 25° primary bevel and a 23° relief bevel to ease re-sharpening. All that is required is to hone your preferred micro-bevel.Made in Canada.


Nett Weight795g (1lb 12oz)
Plane Blade Width35 mm (1.3/8")
Plane Sole Length180mm (7")


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Ренде DX60 Block Veritas

Ренде DX60 Block Veritas

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