Барабанен шлайф JET DDS-225 Dual Drum 635mm



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Барабанен шлайф JET DDS-225 Dual Drum 635mm Expand

• Robust construction provides continuous production operations
• Precise adjustment system of the rear drum for setting difference to the front drum
• Fast and easy change of abrasive with inbuilt clever clips
• 75 mm or 100 mm wide abrasive strips can be used
• Rubberised pressure rollers provide perfect and accurate sanding
• Table lift on four threaded rods
• Two conveyor belt speeds
• 1,5 mm sanding depth on single pass
• Final surface finish just on single pass
• Accuracy of 0,2 mm at the whole width up to 635 mm

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The Dual Drum Sander of DDS series is designed for finishing of furniture components, building components or for levelling of any wood material. This machine is an important part of the professional sander's work, it is also designed for industrial and professional performance and fulfills the criteria for everyday use.

he Dual Drum Sander offers a solid and massive construction with a powerful engine. Two 150 mm sanding drums are made from precise cast duraluminium and are also perfectly balanced and rubber coated. Will provide perfect final finish just by a single pass. The front drum is fitted with a coarse abrasive for effective planing while the rear drum is fitted with a micro-setting, which allows you to adjust a different height than on the front one, this provides a fine finish. Abrasive strip with 75 mm or 100 mm width is spiral-winded onto the drum and has clever clips, which allow a fast and easy change of the abrasive. Rubberised drums provide quality fixation of the sanding belt.

he conveyor belt is made from rubber-textile material and is driven by an autonomous motor with a two-speed gearbox and an intelligent system of two feed speeds for perfect sanding of different types of workpiece. Workpiece is pressed to the conveyor belt by three pressure rollers which offer an equal sanding thickness while maintaining work safety.

The massive construction, the powerful motor, two sanding drums and feed speed of 2 and 3 m/min are all helping to sand of almost 1,5 mm from a workpiece of 0,8 mm to 133 mm thickness, just by single pass. Both the speeds can handle planing with an accuracy of 0,2 mm in the whole sanding width. Precise adjustment of material removal is set by a manual wheel with a digital scale to increase the accuracy. Two 100 mm dust extraction outlets guarantee sufficient extraction during sanding.

This is a very solid and dependable machine which will immediately start to pay for itself in a busy workshop where high volume is the order of the day. Supplied with abrasive grit 80 (for the first drum) and abrasive grit 100 (for the second drum).

• Type: DDS-225
• Rating: Professional
• Power Input (400 V): 3,7 kW
• Speed of Drums: 1400 rpm
• Feed Speed: 2, 3 m/min
• Diameter of Sanding Drum: 152 mm
• Thickness of Sanding: 0,8–133 mm
• Min. Length of Workpiece: 230 mm
• Max. Width of Workpiece: 635 mm
• Width of Abrasive: 75 or 100 mm
• Dust Extraction Outlet: 2x 100 mm
• Overall Length x Width x Height: 1090 x 1120 x 1090 mm
• Weight: 332 kg


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Барабанен шлайф JET DDS-225 Dual Drum 635mm

Барабанен шлайф JET DDS-225 Dual Drum 635mm

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