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UJK Technology Multifunction Workbench for Parf Dogs Expand

  • Frame made from high quality birch plywood for strength
  • Box construction guarantees top remains perfectly flat
  • Multifunction workbench top from 18mm thick solid HDF Valchromat
  • 11 x 7 grid of CNC machined 20mm plain dog holes

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The outer frame is 18mm thick with a phenolic face, with an inner box construction out of 12mm birch ply. This ensures that the top remains perfectly flat at all times. There is storage in the centre of the frame for dogs and other accessories. Cut-outs in the frame enable it to fit onto the Brennenstuhl trestles forming a strong and steady workbench. The front and rear aprons have plenty of Twist Dog holes for aligning workpieces vertically and cut-outs offer accessibility for clamps. Overall, the frame measures 1,140mm x 750mm x 150mm, the storage recess is 275mm x 465mm x 120mm.

The UJK Technology Multifunction Workbench top is 18mm thick Valchromat. It features a grid of 20mm plain dog holes: 11 holes by 7 holes. These holes are CNC machined to guarantee accuracy, aligned lengthways and widthways with the rows perfectly square to each other. 

The kit includes a pair of Brennenstuhl trestles made from strong 25mm square steel tube. They fold almost flat saving space, when not in use, making transportation easy. These are vertically adjustable between 800mm and 1,300mm high for the most convenient working height. 

The Twist Dog’s unique feature is a pin through the spigot. This pin securely locks the Twist Dog into the specially drilled Twist Dog holes in the front of the workbench frame. This is a useful feature when aligning a workpiece vertically. The pin is removable allowing the Twist Dog to fit into any 20mm dog hole.


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Мултифункционална работна маса UJK Technology

Мултифункционална работна маса UJK Technology

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