Fence & Centre Kit for Plunge Base Veritas



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Fence & Centre Kit for Plunge Base Veritas Expand
  • Make parallel cuts using the edge of a workpiece as a reference
  • Fences for straight cuts and work on curved edges
  • Kit includes a circle cutting attachment with three interchangeable centres
  • Cuts circles up to 445mm diameter

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There are two straight fences made of torrefied maple (both 150mm long): a standard 38mm wide and a 16mm for thin stock. Two round headed inserts allow you to make cuts parallel to a curved edge. The circle cutting attachment has three interchangeable centres: a sharp pin, a 6.3mm post and a flat disc. The 150mm fence rods allow offsets from zero to 115mm with the straight fences and diameters from 13mm to 445mm with the circle attachment. Made in Canada from aluminium with stainless steel rods.


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