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  • Cast iron body, stands upright unaided
  • Indispensable for precise setting of cutting depths
  • Accurate measurement of router cutter depth and saw blade height
  • Use to adjust router table fence relative to cutter
  • Internal width of 54mm, adjustable height range up to 80mm
  • Resolution 0.01mm or 0.001"
  • Depth measurement up to 99mm

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129,98 лв

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The UJK Technology Digital Height Gauge is an indispensable measuring tool for the accurate setting of cutting depths, in particular router cutters and saw blades.

The body is cast iron, with machined feet that form a reference surface. It is stable and can stand upright without additional support. It is equally accurate both vertically and horizontally. The horseshoe shaped body measures 54mm between the legs with an internal height of 80mm. The main feature is its highly accurate digital scale unit, with an LCD screen offering a read-out in either metric or imperial. The display has a resolution of 0.01mm or 0.001 inches.


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Дигитален Високомер UJK Technology

Дигитален Високомер UJK Technology

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