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Копирано устройство UJK Technology Professional Expand

  • Low friction base material for smooth gliding cuts
  • Mitre bar suitable for Tee or plain slot, adjustable for zero play
  • Workpieces firmly held horizontally and vertically, eliminating kickback
  • Vertical clamp close to the point of cut; minimises vibration
  • Nylon rear fence prevents tear-out and will not damage router cutter
  • Rubberised handles, safe and secure grip for complete control
  • Max width 135mm, max thickness 40mm

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389,97 лв

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When profiling the end grain of a narrow workpiece on the router table, you need a way of holding the workpiece. This is particularly relevant if your workpiece is narrower than the gap in your router fence. The UJK Technology Coping Sled holds the key to working safely, securely and achieving accurate results.

Developed and extensively tested by UJK Technology, this Coping Sled will transform the way you make end grain cuts for rail and stile doors, tenons and many other joints. If you are intending to make cabinet doors on your router table, the Coping Sled is invaluable. It is by far the best way to secure your workpiece, offering perfect results with a high degree of safety. The Coping Sled takes the stress out of the process. It ensures your workpiece is square to the table’s mitre slot and that it guides smoothly across the router bit.


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Копирно устройство UJK Technology Professional

Копирно устройство UJK Technology Professional

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