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  • Micrometer clamp head can be set from 6 to 13mm from the centre line
  • Setting is positive and accurate to a few thousands of an inch
  • Movable clamp heads will grip work as small as 13mm x 35mm
  • Chain drill dowel holes using the tapered pin to register off the last hole drilled
  • Movable bushing carrier includes 3 hardened steel bushings: 1/4", 8mm (5/16"), and 3/8".

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230,19 лв

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This jig will not only do centred dowelling, but it will dowel boards of different thicknesses to one reference face; the assembly is perfectly flat on one side and all thickness variations are on the other side. This saves a lot of planing and scraping time. Using a dial, each micrometer clamp head can be set from 6mm(1/4") to 13mm(1/2") from the centre line to handle work from 13mm(1/2") to 25mm(1") thick. The setting is positive and accurate to a few thousandths of an inch. The movable clamp heads will grip work as small as 13mm(1/2") x 35mm(1.3/8"). With boards of constant thickness, you can set the jig for centred dowelling. For boards of uneven thickness, you set the heads for a constant set back from the reference face.


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Приспособление за дюбелиране Veritas

Приспособление за дюбелиране Veritas

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